First, checkout the repository:

git clone

Change directories into the repository folder and run the file. For a local install use the “–user” flag after “install”.

cd sami2py/
python install

If something has gone wrong, you may be prompted to manually install the fortran executables.

make -C sami2py/fortran compile

or, on windows,

make -C sami2py\fortran compile

Fortran Compilers

By default, sami2py uses gfortran and make to compile the fortran executables. You can get make through pip

pip install make

If you have a different compiler, you can modify the first line of the fortran Makefile accordingly by using “gf” to point to your compiler of choice. Note that several options are included to ensure the compile is successful.

If you don’t have a fortran compiler, gfortran is included as part of the latest gcc package. You can get this from several locations.

For Mac OS X, you can install gcc through package managers such as brew.

For windows, multiple setup options are discussed at