Modifications from SAMI2-1.00

General Updates

The calculation for the output step size was adjusted to be closer to the desired data cadence.


This version uses the official release of NRLMSISe-00 (with one modification, discussed below). The unmodified version can be found at

The exospheric neutral temperature can be directly scaled by the user for extreme solar minimum conditions, as discussed by Emmert et al [2010]. This is modified by the Tinf_scale keyword, and is passed through the namelist as Tinf_scl.


The photoionization rates can be modified by scaling the resultant EUV spectra. Note that this occurs independently of any modifications to the neutral atmosphere through MSIS. See Klenzing et al [2013] for examples. This is modified by the euv_scale keyword, and is passed through the namelist as euv_scl.

ExB Drifts

Fejer-Scherliess remains the default model for drifts, but the user may now input a series of Fourier coefficients to describe the ExB drifts as a function of local time rather than use the Fejer-Scherliess model. The coefficients are specified by the ExB_drifts keyword, which are passed into sami2 through the new exb.inp file. The fourier coefficient routine replaces the sine wave triggered when .fejer. = false.

Horizontal Wind Model

Sami2py uses the HWM-14 model by default. Users may specify HWM93 or HWM07 for comparison through the hwm_model keyword, which is passed through the namelist as hwm_mod.